circuits.web.dispatchers.virtualhosts module


This module implements a virtual host dispatcher that sends requests for configured virtual hosts to different dispatchers.

class circuits.web.dispatchers.virtualhosts.VirtualHosts(domains)

Bases: circuits.core.components.BaseComponent

Forward to anotehr Dispatcher based on the Host header.

This can be useful when running multiple sites within one server. It allows several domains to point to different parts of a single website structure. For example: - http://www.domain.example -> / - http://www.domain2.example -> /domain2 - http://www.domain2.example:443 -> /secure

Parameters:domains (dict) – a dict of {host header value: virtual prefix} pairs.

The incoming “Host” request header is looked up in this dict, and, if a match is found, the corresponding “virtual prefix” value will be prepended to the URL path before passing the request onto the next dispatcher.

Note that you often need separate entries for “” and “”. In addition, “Host” headers may contain the port number.

channel = 'web'