Contributing to circuits

Here’s how you can contribute to circuits

Share your story

One of the best ways you can contribute to circuits is by using circuits. Share with us your story of how you’ve used circuits to solve a problem or create a new software solution using the circuits framework and library of components.

Submitting Bug Reports

We welcome all bug reports. We do however prefer bug reports in a clear and concise form with repeatable steps. One of the best ways you can report a bug to us is by writing a unit test (//similar to the ones in our tests//) so that we can verify the bug, fix it and commit the fix along with the test.

To submit a bug report, please Create an Issue

Writing new tests

We’re not perfect, and we’re still writing more tests to ensure quality code. If you’d like to help, please Fork circuits, write more tests that cover more of our code base and submit a Pull Request. Many Thanks!

Adding New Features

If you’d like to see a new feature added to circuits, then we’d like to hear about it~ We would like to see some discussion around any new features as well as valid use-cases. To start the discussions off, please either: